Germany’s best lawyers 2020: 45 lawyers of GSK Stockmann recommended by Handelsblatt & Best Lawyers

Together with the German newspaper “Handelsblatt”, the renowned American publication Best Lawyers once again released their annual publication “Germany’s Best Lawyers”. A total of 45 lawyers of the corporate law firm GSK Stockmann were listed as leading experts in their practice area in Germany; 20 of them were listed for the very first time. Due to the numerous recommendations given by competitors, Dirk Brückner received the distinction “Lawyer of the Year” in the area of Real Estate Law.

GSK Stockmann is proud to announce that the following lawyers were once again recommended:

  • Ulrich Battis: Environmental and Planning Law, Public Building Law
  • Andreas F. Bauer: M&A, Venture Capital, Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Okko Hendrik Behrends: Financial Regulation
  • Dirk Brückner: Real Estate Business Law
  • Mark Butt: Environmental and Planning Law, Public Building Law
  • Michael Eggersberger: Real Estate Business Law
  • Jan Hennig: Environmental and Planning Law, Public Building Law
  • Michael Jani: Real Estate Business Law
  • Justus Jansen: Dispute Resolution (Mediation, National and International Arbitration, Litigation) – “Lawyer of the Year 2019“ in the area of Litigation
  • Jörg Kahler: IP/IT law
  • Jan Kehrberg: Private Building Law, Real Estate Law, Project Development
  • Stefan Koser: Real Estate Business Law, Finance
  • Holger Lampe: Private Building Law, Real Estate Law
  • Jenny Mehlitz: Procurement and Building Law
  • Oliver Moufang: Private Building Law – “Lawyer of the year 2018“ in the practice area Projects & Public Sector
  • Katy Ritzmann: IP/IT, Data Protection
  • Olaf Schmechel: Real Estate Business Law
  • Michael Stobbe: Corporate Law
  • Rainer Stockmann: Real Estate Business Law, Corporate Law
  • Oda Wedemeyer: Private Building Law, Project Development
  • Rainer Werum: Real Estate Business Law
  • Max Wilmanns: M&A, Corporate Law
  • Wolfgang Würfel: Environmental and Planning Law, Public Building Law

The following lawyers were recommended for the first time:

  • Stefan Aldag: Real Estate Law, Notary’s Office
  • Jennifer Bierly: Corporate Law
  • Lars Bollensen: Real Estate Law/Project development
  • Volkan Cakir: M&A
  • Andreas Dimmling: Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Stefan Dorn: Real Estate Business Law
  • Monique Franke: Real Estate Business Law
  • Andreas Geiger: Public Law, Infrastructure Planning
  • Arne Gniechwitz: Public Law, Procurement and State Aid
  • Thomas Haller: Real Estate Law, Project development
  • Inga Henrich: M&A
  • Philip Huperz: Real Estate Business Law
  • Olaf Jacobsen: Real Estate Business Law
  • Uwe Jäger: Corporate Law
  • Oliver Koos: Real Estate Law
  • Bernhard Laas: Real Estate Business Law
  • Volker Rebmann: Corporate Law
  • Johann Rumetsch: Real Estate Law, Project Development
  • Maximilian Schilling: Private Building Law
  • Christian R. Schmidt: Real Estate Business Law, Notary’s office
  • Dennis Stenzel: Real Estate Business Law
  • Sascha Zentis: Real Estate Law, Notary’s Office

Background: For the twelfth time already, the Handelsblatt publishes the list of Germany’s best lawyers based on research by Best Lawyers. Every year, the American publisher Best Lawyers determines the most renowned lawyers in Germany on the basis of a broad-based peer-to-peer survey. In this process, recommendations from lawyers areevaluated by lawyers in the event that a mandate could not be accepted by the client.

Handelsblatt special ranking: Germany´s best lawyers 2020

Best Lawyers Edition 2021 (Germany):

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