Risks within reporting obligations for cross-border tax arrangements

Mandatory reporting according to DAC-6 Rules covers a very wide scope of application. Violations may result in harsh penalties. Tight deadlines require early action.

Contrary to other EU member states, Germany has already set into force the reporting obligations under the 6th EU Directive on Administrative Cooperation (DAC-6). These are requirements to disclose cross-border tax planning arrangements. Different from what is commonly believed, this applies not only to the well-known big players of international tax arrangements. It would be a fatal mistake to conclude this, because in principle anyone with international connections can be affected if those are tax-relevant. In case of doubt, this misinterpretation may cost very dear as failures to report or late notifications can result in harsh penalties.

To learn more about whether you are at risk and how to protect yourself, we have compiled a GSK update for you.

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