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Excellent real estate asset management is an essential factor driving the value of real estate. Not only does it safeguard that value for the long-term by yielding a consistent cash flow, upgrading a property successfully will also have a positive effect on the future selling price. Essentially, this area is governed by German tenancy laws. However, legislation is only one side of the coin. Tenancy law is also the subject of countless volatile and complex court rulings – more, perhaps, than in any other legal field. 

These affect numerous further areas which all need to be taken into account at the same time: new development of whole districts and the division of land, impingements upon the rights of neighbours, project developments, restructuring projects and conversion projects of buildings are all governed by public and private building law as well as by land laws. Property, facility and centre management issues are also relevant within the scope of Real Estate Asset Management. 

Main areas of expertise

Our clients need advice and support which covers every angle and delivers solutions – and which focuses on situations from your perspective. To ensure successful asset management for your real estate, our advisers act with foresight and vision, matching your business goals with expert colleagues in all relevant legal fields. We take a comprehensive approach.

Often, we support our clients with their real estate projects from start to finish, beginning with the purchase of an existing property or with a new project development – including financing – through to asset management and ending with the sale of the property. Our clients include public institutions, family offices, project developers, national and international real estate funds, insurance companies and investors. Together, we develop pragmatic and efficient solutions.

Our experienced experts in tenancy law will help you with everything from the rental offer to the drafting and negotiation of lease agreements and addenda, supporting you right up to the moment a tenant leaves – and beyond.

Creating an individual lease agreement or template lease agreement for your property: We offer our clients a complete portfolio of services for project developments, revitalisation and existing properties. We focus particularly on commercial properties and office buildings. This focus, however, is not restricted solely to conventional office buildings or mixed use properties; with the support of specialised teams who take an extremely practical approach and understand the special features of the real estate in question, we also advise clients in the hotel, health care, logistics and retail industries – including complex shopping centres. We draft and negotiate the highly specific contracts required for the above examples, which often include clauses on aspects such as the operating obligation, protection of competition or range of products, turnover rent (taking investment law requirements into account), tenant easements, centre management and advertising associations.

Clients benefit from our long-standing experience in negotiating contracts with strong market players for our wide client base – many of whom have provided testimonials for our work.

When drafting contracts to avoid local business tax or comply with investment law, we also consult our experienced colleagues in Investment Law and Tax. 

Addenda and ongoing consultancy services: Continuity and in-depth understanding of the respective property are required in order to offer expert advice. For this reason, many of the clients we support during the purchase or project development phases remain with us long-term. Insights from the due diligence process can be exploited to solve problems which arise during asset management as well as to develop new approaches. We are also happy to take on existing asset management projects, and can help you identify areas for improvement and find comprehensive solutions for problems.

Our clients frequently turn to us for support when they need to draft further contracts during the life cycle of a property. Our comprehensive expertise in the field of project development gives us a cutting edge advantage and enables us to offer guidance on an extremely broad spectrum:

  • Tenant easements
  • Permanent usage rights in accordance with the German Condominium Act, heritable building rights
  • Asset, property and facility management contracts
  • Centre management contracts
  • Public and private building law

We take our “real estate full service” claim seriously, and will be happy to support you with all your land law concerns. We offer advice on land division, easements, agreements with neighbours and licensing agreements.

We will be delighted to help you negotiate your contract. The advice we offer is based on many years of experience and a solid understanding of the market situation and market players. As a result, no matter which side you are on – whether landlord or tenant – we can deploy our expertise to improve your situation.

Not all negotiations end fruitfully. For this reason, we also provide support if you are looking to judicially enforce a claim, including those which arise during the course of insolvency proceedings.

GSK Stockmann has one of the largest teams of real estate lawyers in all of Germany. Our comprehensive expertise enables us to help our clients in highly specialised areas – while simultaneously taking a broader view that accounts for all aspects of the project. This interdisciplinary exchange characterises our work and allows us to lend you specialist support in the various aspects of real estate law.

When we offer advice on lease agreements, for example, we also focus on aspects such as overriding property laws and requirements of the land register. When we negotiate contracts, we integrate aspects of purchase and investment law to prepare for a potential exit in the future. Depending on the parties involved and their company structures, additional important requirements for asset management may also need to be taken into account. In addition, tax and investment legislation can have reciprocal effects, and the requirements of both public and private building law need to be observed.

Our foresight and our comprehensive approach to real estate management will broaden your perspective and drive your economic success.

“Here at GSK Stockmann, we feel we’re in very good hands. With practical experience in the real estate industry, a high level of personal commitment and great sensitivity, they achieve well-balanced results for all parties involved.” 

Head of Asset Management Germany, international retail property investor

“We have enjoyed working with GSK Stockmann for many years now, and have consistently found them to be a competent, reliable and prompt partner for all transactions and other concerns in the field of real estate. Whenever we face a particularly tricky challenge, we’re glad to rely on GSK Stockmann’s expertise!

Head of Real Estate Law in an internationally active insurance company in Germany

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