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The state stipulates the rules for both the private and the public sector. The team here at GSK Stockmann offers legal advice and support on all public law requirements. We will guide you through administrative procedures, represent you in administrative court hearings and constitutional disputes, and work on your behalf to influence legislative procedures.  

Public law
Public law has played an important role at GSK Stockmann from the start. We help our clients find their bearings in their respective regulatory field. We support market players in the private sector as well as in the public sector, highlighting applicable legal requirements and explaining your options for successfully completing your project within the respective framework. In the private sector, we help clients with applications for planning, approval and authorisation as well as with regulatory procedures. In the public sector, we offer advice and support with the organisation of administrative tasks and with the execution of plans and projects. We also help you coordinate projects with companies in the private sector.

Regulation is constantly in flux. Technological, political and social developments drive regulatory changes. As such, an important part of our work consists in identifying potential restrictions, opportunities and risks at an early date. Based on our insights, we then liaise closely with our clients to develop strategies with the aim of influencing legislative processes leading up to new regulatory requirements. Our clients benefit from our long-standing experience in important industries such as real estate (projects and transactions), financial services, healthcare, energy management and mobility.

Main areas of expertise

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Together with the Constitutions of the various federal states, the German Grundgesetz (Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany) forms the framework for all regulations imposed by the Federal Republic as well as the individual states. We explain the boundaries and your respective options; we also draw up expert opinions on constitutional issues, and, where necessary, will pursue matters in a constitutional court.

National laws are heavily influenced by EU primary law, EU secondary law and ECJ legislation. Many innovations can be traced back to European law. We keep close track of all developments in European law and deploy our insights on behalf of our clients.

Public authorities are bound by budget laws and local laws – and these laws can also profoundly impact private partners who work for the public sector. Building on our extensive experience, we develop perspicacious and successful structures for public projects and public-private enterprises.

In recent years, public procurement and state aid laws have grown increasingly significant. With long-standing experience in these fields, our acknowledged experts have a detailed understanding of all forms of collaboration between the public and private sectors and can hence develop the best possible structures for projects and joint ventures.

Formalised administrative procedures pose opportunities and risks. We guide our clients through administrative procedures, offer advice and support with public sector contracts and – when occasion demands – have the requisite procedural tools to assert the rights of our clients in administrative courts.

Today, most public sector information can be accessed freely. However, the situation is anything but transparent; it also varies from federal state to federal state. We offer advice and representation to private persons engaging in the often complex task of applying for access to information. We also offer the same support to the authorities and any third parties involved.

Building law and planning law are amongst GSK Stockmann’s core areas of expertise. We are proud to employ leading lawyers in both fields, and offer advice and support – in most cases, to the project sponsor – for approval and planning procedures, from spatial planning through to planning permission, communal urban development planning and building permission proceedings.

Conservation and emission protection laws often play decisive roles in urban development and infrastructure projects. Rest assured – we have extensive experience in these fields! We also offer advice and support with soil protection issues, the recycling industry and environmental laws on material substances (e.g., chemicals legislation).

The regulated energy market is defined by energy laws; increasingly, however, these are impacting other markets such as real estate. Our law office employs acknowledged experts in various German energy laws such as the EnWG (Energy Act), the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act) and the KWKG (Combined Heat and Power Act).

Technological innovations need to be safe, and state regulations are required in this context. Whether you are working in an established field (e.g., cars and automotive parts) or are engaged in a more exotic field such as explosives – our experts understand both the legal and technical implications. This understanding enables us to guide you successfully through approval procedures as well as offer your company advice and support with in-house compliance.

Our experts have a detailed understanding of public sector requirements for healthcare and nursing – whether administrative or social.

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