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Behind every real estate project development, there are countless economic considerations and decisions, plans and research, as well as agreements to be concluded with all stakeholders involved. From a business perspective, these call for an integrated and comprehensive analysis of all the interfaces and decision points. Such analyses can predict any knock-on or reciprocal effects on the complex development process. The core task in this field is to create a sound economic basis for embarking on the project, and presenting the project as a product for users and investors. This process must translate to all the relevant levels and disciplines. As globalisation marches on,

the long-term success of a project depends on having legal advice which extends beyond one’s own national borders. Sustainable projects are those which, right from the start, are designed to adapt to any new requirements that arise during the development process – new scientific insights, for example, or changes in legislation. This requires lawyers with a high level of expertise in their field combined with a strong network of all legal disciplines involved. Beyond that, such projects demand the skills to act as an economic adviser who takes into consideration and fully grasps the related societal and environmental implications.

Main areas of expertise

We advise on complex project developments by providing in-depth expertise for all types of use. Residential, commercial, healthcare, industrial and transport infrastructure projects, including complete mixed-use neighbourhood and district development – our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers will always find a fitting solution for you. Besides offering advice on the conversion of large-scale inner city areas, we focus particularly on supporting clients engaged in commercial, residential and mixed-use development projects as well as special purpose properties of all types.

Our services cover the entire life-cycle of a project – from staking out a plot of land to procuring planning permissions to the planning and construction phases, divestment to investors, structuring usage and handling all the questions that arise in connection with asset management for the finished project. For financing, structuring and tax structuring, we liaise closely with experts in the respective fields.

We guide our clients through planning and approval procedures, offering advice and support for as long as it takes to draw up land-use plans, conclude the respective contracts and obtain all the necessary permits and approvals. Thanks to our excellent network of contacts, we are able to offer our clients expert advice on special regional considerations which apply to your respective location. Our wide market presence has endowed us with an in-depth understanding of all public law interfaces and fields of law.

Whatever the task at hand – whether the purchase of land, the involvement of neighbours and third parties with legitimate interests, the completion of cooperative agreements and joint venture agreements for the construction of new real estate, or the conversion or refurbishment of existing properties etc. – we will advise and support you on all the legal aspects of your project. We offer comprehensive and fully integrated legal support for all aspects of complex developments, right from the initial conceptual design through to development, planning and implementation.

We develop and analyse strategies for drawing up the necessary agreements and contracts, and can draft and negotiate specific agreements and contracts with public and private contract partners. In the field of tendering, this includes the completion of (antitrust) award procedures and all areas of contract management for planning and construction contracts (architect contracts, expert planning, expert opinions, project development and project management, general contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements, GMP contracts, partnering contracts, alliance contracts, package contracts and contracts for individual trades).

At every crossroads, we offer detailed advice and support for decision-making processes, to further the goals of our clients to the greatest possible degree. This applies particularly to structuring exits – whether as forward share or forward asset deals, including development financing and exit financing, taking all national, international and tax-related laws into account.

We advise and support our clients in disputes, offering representation in court as well as in out-of-court settlements and arbitration proceedings. Further, we support clients with asset management for the completed project, including financing management and securities management.

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