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We have a total of five notary lawyers at our offices in Berlin and Frankfurt. As notaries, we are an independent and impartial instance. We draft and notarise all documents required for legal transactions, and can do so in either German or English. 

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GSK Stockmann’s expertise in the field of real estate is reflected in the activities of our notaries: Here, a large proportion of our work revolves around the notarisation and completion of purchase agreements for real estate. In our day to day work, we handle countless purchase agreements for land, buildings and apartment blocks. We also deal with partition deeds, complex neighbourhood contracts with reciprocal easements, and mortgage securities. Our clients not only include national and international institutional investors, but also commercial property developers and private persons. Whether it is a deed of donation, a forward asset deal, a share deal or a portfolio transaction – our notary lawyers have the relevant experience and expertise.

Notaries are required for many aspects of corporate law – founding companies, increasing capital, in some cases for changing the managing director, the articles of association or the legal form of a company, for purchase and transfer agreements, liquidations, cross-border mergers, demergers and seizure, to name just a few examples. Our notaries offer support in fields as diverse as corporate housekeeping, joint venture contracts and M&A transactions – whether national or international.

Bequests and gifting are not matters to be taken lightly. And this applies not only to private assets; if your life’s work is tied up in a company, great care and consideration are required when appointing your successor. Our notaries begin by conducting a confidential, in-depth interview with you to find out what matters most to you. Taking the bigger picture into account, we will then advise you on the aspects you need to consider if you want to bequeath not only your assets, but also your accompanying expectations. Whether it is a will, inheritance contract or deed of donation – our notaries will support you with in-depth advice and great sensitivity.

Our notaries also draw up prenuptial agreements and help you contractually regulate the division of assets during marriage or following a divorce. 

  • Volker Rebmann
  • Sascha Zentis
  • Stefan Aldag
  • Lorenz Claussen
  • Christian R. Schmidt

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