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Relationships between suppliers and customers play a key role in day-to-day business activities. However, technological progress in general – and digitalisation in particular – bring new challenges in their wake, and market players have to respond accordingly. In addition, new players enter the market, often from unrelated industries, and bring with them radical change – not only to the respective market environment, but also to the requirements for contractual relationships. This phenomenon is often referred to as “disruptive business models”.

Contracts between suppliers and customers are not always based solely on legal guidelines or parameters; in fact, some are predominantly based on other considerations. Generally speaking, this is due to internal economic guidelines within a given company. In some cases, however, the contract partner’s specific requirements may form the basis for a contract. International (and hence cross-border) supplier relationships also have their own special challenges. Here, besides the focus on (substantive) contractual agreements, there is an additional special focus on aspects such as choice of law, dispute settlement (court of jurisdiction and arbitration choices such as ICC or DIS arbitration clauses) or law enforcement.

With GSK by your side, you benefit from the experience and comprehensive expertise of a partner who understands both sides of the coin. We draft and negotiate contracts for suppliers as well as for customers – regardless of your position in the distribution chain. In doing so, the advice and guidance we offer is consistently based on your individual needs and requirements. Here at GSK, we aim to create comprehensive solutions that address your specific business demands.

Complex contractual relationships are often interwoven with other areas such as IT/IP, data protection, arbitration or even insolvency regulations. In order to offer you solutions that address all these needs, we enlist the support of colleagues from the relevant departments right from the start, channelling their expertise into the contract as it is drafted. As such, our services can be likened to a one-stop shop.

We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Joint ventures and cooperative ventures in the fields of R&D and production
  • Drafting contracts for the delivery and supply of goods, production and services, including consignment stock contracts
  • Warranty
  • Product safety and product recalls
  • Product liability and general questions regarding liability
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Contract management

“Throughout the past years, GSK has provided us with impeccable guidance and assistance. Being an American car manufacturer, the team has been supporting us in a varied spectrum of German legal topics.

Our cooperation has been along the lines of utmost trust and reliability. From our perspective, the cooperation with GSK has been effortless and helpful in all instances.”

American car manufacturer

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